Manfred Plagmann

Dr Manfred Plagmann is Principal Scientist at BRANZ and Co-Director of He Kainga Oranga/Housing and Health Research Programme. Trained in physics, chemistry and management science he is working in applied building science and interacts with many stakeholders nationally and internationally. He is involved in international research programme on indoor air quality, pollutants, and ventilation. Manfred is involved in the work to establish an indoor air quality research centre in New Zealand.

Research interests include:

  • Ventilation and air purification technology and their practical application in New Zealand
  • Indoor air quality and health impact
  • Energy use to create a healthy indoor environment
  • Moisture transport and fungal growth on building materials
  • Occupant behaviours as it impacts energy use and indoor environmental conditions
  • Sensing technology and analysis
  • Numerical modelling, optimisation and data science

Key publications

  1. He Kāinga Oranga: reflections on 25 years of measuring the improved health, wellbeing and sustainability of healthier housing.
    Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand,