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Resilient Urban Futures

Our Resilient Urban Futures programme of research, supported by a 4-year grant from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, links researchers from NZ universities, NIWA, Motu and local councils.

Resilient Urban Futures publications

Which possible futures for New Zealand cities will be most resilient, liveable and competitive?


Chapman, R. & Howden-Chapman, P (2019). Submission to the Ministry for the Environment on National Policy Statement on Urban Development. Wellington, NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities.

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Submission to Ministry for the Environment on ‘Our Climate Your Say: Consultation on the Zero Carbon Bill. July 2018

Submission to the Tax Working Group on The Future of Tax April 2018

Submission to Productivity Commission on the draft ‘Low-emissions economy April 2018

Submission on Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport

Submission to Wellington City Council on car sharing facilitation April 2017 Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2018/2019 – 2027/2028, March 2017
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National Policy Statement on urban development capacity, July 2016

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Wellington City Council Medium-density Housing and Town Centre Plans 2015

GWRC draft climate change strategy 2015

Wellington draft regional land transport plan 2015
Wellington urban growth plan
Safer urban speed limits
Open spaces
Wellington’s draft annual plan
Improving our resource management system