Dr Bob Lloyd

Associate Professor (ret)


Bob is from Australia, he came to New Zealand in 2002 after having worked for the Australian Co-operative Research Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE), based at Murdoch University in Perth. There he worked on renewable energy systems for remote areas and managed various research projects including wind power, fuel cells, advanced battery systems and PV diesel hybrid systems. At ACRE he coordinated and edited a major review of standards in place for renewable energy systems in Australia which also included a section on training opportunities available in Australia in the renewable energy sector. He has also worked on renewable energy systems in China and the Pacific Islands and taught at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. His current research interests at Otago University, where he is the Director of Energy Studies, lie in energy conservation in residential housing and energy management including world energy resources. His PhD from Flinders University in South Australia was completed in the field of experimental atomic physics.

Video: Bob Lloyd speaking on renewable energy

Video - Transition to renewable energy: Can it be made in time?

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