Resilient Urban Futures publications

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Chapman R, P Howden-Chapman, K Whitwell & A Thomas (2017) Towards zero carbon? Constrained policy action in two New Zealand cities (pdf), Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, 24, 2, 97-116

Blaschke P, R Chapman, E Randal, N Preval. (2017) Does population density affect access to and satisfaction with urban green and open spaces? (pdf) A review for the Resilient Urban Futures programme strand on compact and dispersed development, NZCSC Policy Paper, New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, Wellington

Apatov E, A Grimes. (In press.) Impacts of Higher Education Institutions on Local Population and Employment Growth, International Regional Science Review.

Meade R, A Grimes. (Forthcoming.) Welfare Costs of Coordinated Infrastructure Investments: The Case of Competing Transport Modes. New Zealand Economic Papers.