Caroline Shaw and colleagues recently completed their submission on the draft government policy statement on land transport. Read their submission here. READ MORE

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Seminar: Community Action to Promote Healthy Environments (CAPHE)

We held a seminar with speakers Barbara Israel and Tamsin Mitchell. Exposure to air pollution is linked to asthma and cardiovascular and respiratory disease, lost work and school days, and adverse birth outcomes. Air pollution is a long-standing concern for residents in Detroit, Michigan, who disproportionately experience high rates of environmentally-related diseases, especially those living in poverty and people of color. How can academics and communities partner to tackle these issues and improve the health outcomes of communities? Watch the video.

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Access and land use: a brief exploration

Associate Professor Ralph Chapman recently completed a commissioned policy paper for the Ministry of Transport. In this exploratory ‘thinkpiece’, Ralph examines access from various angles, and considers how valuable a concept it is in considering the urban environment today and in future. He READ MORE

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Video: Cohousing or Creating Collective Urban Housing

We held a seminar with speaker Mark Southcombe. As home ownership becomes more unaffordable people are looking for new ways of living. Cohousing or collective urban housing is a new model of shared housing that has sparked growing interest at grass roots level in New Zealand and internationally. Watch the video.

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New report released: A Stocktake of New Zealand’s Housing

An independent report A Stocktake Of New Zealand’s Housing was released this week. Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman of the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities along with Alan Johnson of the Salvation Army and economist Shamubeel Eaqub wrote the report which was commissioned last year READ MORE

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