Shaun Awatere


Landcare Research


Shaun's work has three strands:

  • developing principles, protocols and methods for collecting, recording, and sharing mātauranga Māori
  • integrating spiritual, cultural, and traditional resource management principles with those of urban design to develop new design processes
  • incorporating mātauranga Māori in urban development policy and planning processes


  • “Tu Whare Ora – Building Capacity for Māori Driven Design in Sustainable Settlement Development” seeks to increase Māori capacity and input into housing and settlement design in New Zealand.
  • “Kaitiakitanga nga Taone nui” (Kaitiakitanga of Urban Settlement) builds on assessment frameworks in other sectors, the articulation of iwi/hapū aspirations in first-generation iwi management plans, and previous work in developing Māori urban design principles. The interface between western and indigenous understanding and knowledge of urban environments is explored in recent planning initiatives to produce knowledge and methods to facilitate the inclusion of Mātauranga Māori in urban planning practice.

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