Graciela Rivera-Muñoz

PhD candidate

Resilient Urban Futures research programme, University of Otago, Wellington


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Graciela has a background in political sciences and public health education.

Graciela has a research focus on the role of communities in public health practice and in the development, implementation, and evaluation of public policy in a broader sense.

Currently, she is engaged in a qualitative case study of housing recovery after the Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010-2011 and the development of a critical theoretical perspective on the concept of community, neighbourhood, and suburb resilience, as a main-stay of the disaster literature.


Housing, energy and health in the resilient city In P. Howden-Chapman, L. Early & J. Ombler (Eds.), Cities in New Zealand: Preferences, patterns and possibilities. (pp. 95-106). Wellington, New Zealand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa. 2017.
Local councils and public consultation: Extending the reach of democracyPolicy Quarterly, 12, 4, November 2016
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