Video: Can the bicycle save the city?

We held a seminar with speakers Alistair Woodward, Hamish Mackie and Ralph Chapman. Most of the world’s people now live in cities but increasingly cities are unhealthy, unpleasant places with unsustainable impacts on our environment. How can the bicycle help to make cities more humane, sustainable, healthy, joyful and productive places? Watch the video.

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Video: Why we need Healthy Streets

We held a seminar with speaker Lucy Saunders. How do our streets influence our health? Can we transform our streets into healthier places? Come and hear about the Healthy Streets Approach which puts people and health first. Watch the video.

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Cost-benefit study confirms benefits of walking and cycling investment

A cost-benefit study published by Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities found that a walking and cycling programme in two New Zealand cities has shown a good return on investment. Read the paper here READ MORE

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New Paper: Access and Land use

Associate Professor Ralph Chapman recently completed a commissioned policy paper for the Ministry of Transport. In this exploratory ‘thinkpiece’ Ralph examines access from various angles, and considers how valuable a concept it is in considering the urban environment today and in the READ MORE

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Caroline Shaw and colleagues recently completed their submission on the draft government policy statement on land transport. Read their submission here. READ MORE

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