Fuel poverty research: Pre-paid electricity meters

Families running out of credit or ‘self-disconnecting’ from pre-paid meters as a result of economic hardship has left children in the cold, a study by University of Otago researchers, recently published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, has revealed. Listen to this Radio NZ interview with Kim O’Sullivan, Otago University PhD student, who investigated the use of pre-paid power meters among predominantly less affluent families.

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Evaluation of the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme

This is a $340 million multi-year programme funded by the NZ government that provides funding for insulation retrofits and clean, efficient heating grants for NZ households. It began in 2009 and is the largest programme of its type in NZ history, intended to produce a range of energy and health related benefits. A cost benefit analysis of the programme, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development, was done by a consortium including NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities members

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Renewable energy: Making the transition a reality

See seminars by Eric Martinot and Bob Lloyd, internationally recognized experts on renewable energy, Caroline Ryder from the Ministry of Economic Development, and Eion Scott, Eco Design Advisor at Auckland Council. The focus is on some of the more difficult aspects of the transition to renewable energy: what’s likely to be needed and what’s likely to be possible.

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Comments on the Draft New Zealand Energy Strategy

from researchers at the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities

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Transition to renewable energy: Can it be made in time?

Existing sources of energy such as fossil fuels and uranium will eventually be depleted. If we want sustainable energy, it must come from renewable sources. This talk by Bob Lloyd examines if this can be done in time with existing resources. He also looks at problems, namely that our existing financial system is based upon continued economic growth and economic growth is based on a cheap and expanding energy supply.

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