Seminar: Housing and Health for Whānau Māori

This seminar with speaker Amber Logan has been postponed until next year.  Home is where the heart is, and so is community. But what are the factors that promote healthy homes and communities for whānau Māori? And what do Māori whānau think is important for them to be able to live and flourish in their homes and communities?

Date: postponed until 2018, the actual date is to be confirmed.

Amber Logan
Housing and Health for Whānau Māori

Homes and communities are central to our health. This presentation, based on doctoral research by health psychologist Amber Logan, explores the relationship between health and wellness, and home and community for whānau Māori. The research, supervised by Philippa Howden-Chapman, Hera Cook and Keri Lawson-Te Aho, seeks to both add Māori voices and to develop new perspectives on how to develop housing that promotes health and strengthens individuals, families and communities. Included is an examination of factors that create and sustain healthy homes and communities as told by members of Māori whānau living in Hawke’s Bay. The information presented draws together past, present and future and paints a picture of what is important for families and communities to thrive.


Amber Logan is a doctoral student and Professional Practice Fellow with the University of Otago, Wellington. She has broad experience in Māori and indigenous health and development, both in New Zealand and internationally. She is a mother of five and of Ngāti Kahungunu descent.

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