Urbanisation: How do we get it right?

At the UN’s Habitat III conference in Ecuador, world leaders and urban experts signed up to a New Urban Agenda, a blueprint setting global standards in sustainable city development. We love these two thought-provoking articles on the future of cities: Stern and Zenghelis on humankind’s great urbanisation; and Timon McPhearson and colleagues on how scientists must have a say in the future of cities …

Timon McPhearson et al, Scientists must have a say in the future of cities (pdf)

The UN conference seeks urban sustainability. But the agenda will fail without input from researchers. In Nature, 538, 13 October 2016


Dimitri Zenghelis and Nicholas Stern, This is humankind’s ‘great urbanisation’. We must do it right, or the planet will pay

The world will never again build cities as rapidly as it does this century. If we are serious about limiting global warming, tackling air pollution and promoting innovative, resource-efficient growth, there is a narrow window of opportunity. In The Guardian, 8 November 2016