Sustainable cities one-day courses

We offered one-day courses in February – Signposting the routes to active transport | Green space in the resilient city. Now closed.


These were part of the University of Otago, Wellington, Public Health Summer School 2017.

17 February 2017, Signposting the routes to active transport

If your work involves cycling or walking advocacy, transport infrastructure, health promotion, children’s health, community development or urban design, this course is for you. Catch up with the most recent research:

  • Transport and health
  • The state of cycling and walking in our cities
  • What works to increase cycling and walking
  • Children’s travel to school
  • Walking to work
  • Built environment and active travel – What design can and can’t do
  • A panel on conflicts and solutions in shared spaces

16 February 2017, Green space in the resilient city

What roles can urban green space play in sustainable and resilient urban form? How can we advance an agenda for green space values in New Zealand cities? This course will provide a “talk and walk” examination of this important component of urban form and function including:

  • NZ green spaces and their values
  • Green space and health in the city
  • Urban green space and the development of community
  • Case studies from NZ and Australia
  • Planning for and designing optimised urban green space networks