December 2016

Picking up speed: Does ultrafast broadband increase firm productivity?

Does adoption of ultrafast broadband result in productivity gains for New Zealand businesses? Are gains any higher when firms make complementary organisational investments? These questions are examined in a new report from Motu Economic and Public Policy Research.

Posted in news & events and NZ policy issues and research and video & audio on 13 December 2016 – 2:14 pm

Auckland housing and travel preferences

A survey of over 3000 Aucklanders reveals new insights into people’s neighbourhood, housing and travel preferences.

Posted in housing & building and news & events and NZ policy issues and research and transport on 7 December 2016 – 3:00 pm

Sustainable cities one-day courses

We offered one-day courses in February – Signposting the routes to active transport | Green space in the resilient city. Now closed.

Posted in behaviour change and health and news & events and NZ policy issues and transport and urban design on 5 December 2016 – 10:32 am

Urbanisation: How do we get it right?

At the UN’s Habitat III conference in Ecuador, world leaders and urban experts signed up to a New Urban Agenda, a blueprint setting global standards in sustainable city development. We love these two thought-provoking articles on the future of cities: Stern and Zenghelis on humankind’s great urbanisation; and Timon McPhearson and colleagues on how scientists must have a say in the future of cities …

Posted in behaviour change and climate change and urban design and urban governance on 1 December 2016 – 1:18 pm