Sustainable cities one-day courses

We offered one-day courses in February – Drivers of urban change | Reducing inequalities in health systems and housing | Climate crisis: A public health response. Now closed.

These were part of the University of Otago, Wellington, Public Health Summer School 2016.

1 February 2016,  Reducing inequalities in health systems and housing

How can we reduce inequalities in health? What role do the health services play compared to determinants of health like housing? Johan Mackenbach, Professor of Public Health at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, will be joined by local researchers such as Professor Alistair Woodward, University of Auckland, to give an overview of the epidemiology of inequality, and strategies to reduce inequality from a public health perspective.

10 February  2016,  Drivers of urban change

Compact cities are generally seen as resilient and efficient. Well-planned, compact cities can enhance urban living through well-designed dwellings and liveable communities. But how can cities make a change in direction from sprawl-as-usual? The course looks at what’s driving and what’s delaying change in our cities, and draws on recent research by NZCSC and others.

19 February 2016, Climate crisis: A public health response

Climate change is already having far-reaching implications for public health research, policy and practice. The requirements for societal transformation are also set to influence all aspects of public health. If you want to be right up to date with current scientific knowledge about climate change and health, as well as learning ways to respond to climate change in your practice by experiencing how others are leading, then this course is for you.