Drivers of urban change: New book

What drives urban change in New Zealand? How can our cities and towns provide a desirable, prosperous, socially inclusive, healthy and environmentally sustainable way of life?

Drivers of Urban Change is a new report from NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities, edited by Lisa Early, Philippa Howden-Chapman and Marie Russell.

It is available in print from Steele Roberts or download Drivers of Urban Change PDF edition.

Drivers of Urban Change cover

This report brings together the views of key decision-makers and cutting-edge research, exploring the pressing issues of compact vs dispersed urban development, infrastructure renewal, resilient transport patterns and healthy, affordable housing. The authors draw upon interviews with over 90 stakeholders in the policy-making process and a nationwide opinion poll to delve behind the scenes into questions about planning, development, governance and public engagement, in the context of social, demographic and economic trends and environmental challenges. Authors include:

Guy Salmon | Marie Russell | Jenny Ombler | Anna Hamer-Adams | Geoff Fougere | Ralph Chapman | Nick Preval | Ed Randal | Philippa Howden-Chapman | Lisa Early

Printed copies are available from Steele Roberts or download a PDF copy here:

Drivers of Urban Change PDF edition