Video: Drivers of urban change – Survey of sentiments about cities

Video is now available of the talk by Ed Randal and Anna Hamer-Adams (University of Otago, Wellington) on the results from a new survey of New Zealanders’ views about urban issues.

Ed Randal and Anna Hamer-Adams presentation (pdf)

City residents are key stakeholders in the process of urban change. Their views shape the priorities and actions of policy- and decision-makers. In 2009 researchers at the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities undertook a nation-wide survey of the views of New Zealanders on their housing and location preferences, and what they thought about urban issues and urban governance. In early 2015, as part of the Drivers of Urban Change project for the MBIE-funded Resilient Urban Futures programme, researchers once again surveyed New Zealanders asking similar questions – to see if views had changed – and new ones, regarding the pressing issues of affordable housing and climate change policy, as well as questions on inequality and trust in New Zealand society. The survey was undertaken by Horizon Research. This seminar is the first presentation of the survey results.

Ed Randal and Anna Hamer-Adams are researchers at the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, University of Otago Wellington, working on the Resilient Urban Futures programme. Ed is interested in developing a better understanding of the complex processes and interactions within urban social ecological systems to improve wellbeing and sustainability in our cities. His work focuses on transport and urban development. Anna studied postgraduate economics at Victoria University of Wellington, and brings a strong interest in the dichotomy of stated-versus-revealed preferences to the analysis of these survey results.

This seminar took place on 2nd November 2015 at University of Otago, Wellington.