Video: Positive urban regeneration

Kim van Sparrentak gave a seminar on positive urban regeneration, looking at examples in Sweden and the Netherlands. View online

In Augustenborg, a (former) deprived neighbourhood in Sweden, a series of environmental projects had a positive effect on the socio-economic quality in that neighbourhood. This urban regeneration project transformed one of the least well-off neighbourhoods in Sweden into an eco-town.

This case study aimed to find similar projects and results in three deprived neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. The study looked at whether a positive environmental justice approach was taken into account while planning neighbourhood upgrades and what kind of effect it had on the socio-economic quality in these communities.

Kim van Sparrentak
Kim van Sparrentak (MSc) is a recent graduate in Urban Environmental Management in the Netherlands. She is currently an Assistant Research Fellow at the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities in the Resilient Urban Futures programme, looking at sustainable transportation in a New Zealand context. As a final project of her Masters, she aimed to combine environmental policies with social policies, mainly looking at positive environmental justice. She has been active in green politics and was elected as a City Councillor in her student town.

This Department of Public Health seminar was held on Friday 10 July 2015, at University of Otago Wellington.

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