February 2015

Seminar: Cities tackling climate change: the European Climate-KIC

Ian Short is chief executive of the Institute for Sustainability in the UK, and governing board member of the Climate-KIC, set up by the European Commission in 2010 to become Europe’s catalyst for climate change innovation. His seminar in Wellington is now on video.

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Robin Kearns: Child-friendly city would let us ease up on cotton wool

Last week a driver – a parent herself – sadly missed seeing three children step out to cross the road. Their subsequent injuries were unquestionably tragic. I feel for them, their families and the driver. But an additional sadness is revealed by the comment by one of the police officers responding to the crash. They said it was “unacceptable” for young children to be walking to school without adult supervision. My question is: unacceptable to whom?

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Sustainability: Research in action from campus to community

24 February 2015 –  Join University of Waikato faculty members for a day-long showcase of sustainability-related research and its impact in the wider community.

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