City-building after disaster in Christchurch

‘Once in a lifetime: City-building after disaster in Christchurch’ is a collection of essays with contributions from our own Graciela Rivera-Muñoz and Philippa Howden-Chapman. Graciela and Philippa spoke at events in Wellington, reflecting on the Christchurch recovery process and alternative approaches to city-building.

About the book

Once in a lifetime, Freerange Press, 2014

New Zealand has to rebuild the majority of its second-largest city after a devastating series of earthquakes – a unique challenge for a developed country in the 21st century.

‘Once in lifetime: City-building after disaster in Christchurch’ offers the first substantial critique of the Government’s recovery plan, presents alternative approaches to city-building and archives a vital and extraordinary time.

It features photo and written essays from journalists, economists, designers, academics, politicians, artists, publicans and more. Once in a Lifetime presents a range of national and international perspectives on city-building and post-disaster urban recovery.

Red zones, green frames and blueprints: Wellington panel discussion on city-building after disaster in Christchurch

Eric Crampton, economist; Giovanni Tiso, writer; Chris Moller, architect; Graciela Rivera-Munoz; public health housing specialist; Barnaby Bennett, co-editor
18 September, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Victoria University of Wellington

Welcome for the book ‘Once in a lifetime’

Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown, featured author Philippa Howden-Chapman, plus Q&A with the editorial team
18 September, Begonia House, Wellington