Slam on the brakes! Island Bay cycleway discussion

Is a cycleway a good idea for climate change mitigation? Is the Island Bay cycleway a good idea? What are the thoughts and concerns of Newtown businesses and where should we go from here? A video presentation and report by medical students of University of Otago Wellington

Climate change is a pressing global health concern, and cycle lanes can be a healthy and environmentally friendly means of mitigation. Locally, however, stage two of the Island Bay to CBD cycleway has met some resistance, with 65 Newtown businesses signing a petition.

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This presentation took place on 8 August 2014 at Wellington School of Medicine.

View the full report: Is the Island Bay-City Cycleway a valid approach to climate change mitigation?
By Juliet Kane, Jared Corbett, Rosie Kool, Shaheen Ahamat, Chelsea Allen-Brough, Yousr Al-Sheibani, Aliya Arslanova, Xavier Bergantino-Mitu, Tyler Campbell, Emily Deacon, Oliver Evison, Sean Gerlach, Anderley Gordon, Adibah Haji Sarbini, Claudia Harrison, Carla Hodgkinson, Phoebe Hunt, Dalice Keogh
Department of Public Health 4th year student report, University of Otago, August 2014