Commuter cycling

How can we encourage people to shift from car trips to bicycle? Do policies that promote recreational cycling indirectly promote commuter cycling as well? Ed Randal investigates, using a case study of commuting in Wellington.

Ed’s study has found that recreational cyclists are more prepared and willing to commute by bike than non-cyclists. However, uptake of commuter cycling is strongly inhibited by a general perception that it isn’t safe to cycle with traffic on roads in the Wellington region due to the design of the roads and driver behaviour.

Promoting recreational cycling could increase commuter cycling levels. This strategy would not be effective in isolation, but would be a useful component of a comprehensive cycling policy that also includes policies to improve the road safety and comfort of utilitarian cyclists.

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Read What makes a commuter cyclist? A mixed methods study of behavioural antecedents and perceptions of commuter cycling in the Wellington Region (PDF), Master of Environmental Studies thesis, Victoria University of Wellington, 2013