Re-cycling the streets

Is it a good idea to change use of road space from on-street car parking to dedicated cycle ways? Jean Beetham has been studying the feasibility of a cycle way between Wellington’s southern suburbs and city centre.

Jean’s research identifies a significant latent demand for transport cycling in Wellington and a desire for a continuous and connected safe network of cycle ways – people say they would cycle more for transport if there was a cycle path.

Jean also examined the potential economic impact of the loss of car parks to make way for a cycle lane. This study found that the contribution to retail vitality in the nearby shops of those who use on-street parking is minor compared to the contribution of those who don’t require parking or who use off-street parking.

More about Jean Beetham

Re-cycling the streets: Exploring the allocation of public space for transport (PDF), Master of Environmental Studies thesis, Victoria University of Wellington, 2014