Exploring proposed public transport options for Wellington: film of the debate

We held an informative panel discussion exploring proposed public transport options for Wellington City’s ‘spine’. There was a range of views on bus rapid transit and light rail options and routes – see the filmed event:

Exploring the Spine Study options for Wellington

Panel members – Jane Davis, Brent Efford, Tom Pettit, Tony Randle, with James Richardson and chair Ralph Chapman – discussed the Wellington Public Transport Spine Study and the proposed bus rapid transit and light rail options. The floor was then opened for questions. The purpose of this forum was to encourage engagement before public submissions on the Spine Study closed on 30 September 2013.

Presentation from Jane Davis (PDF)
Presentation from Brent Efford (PDF)
Presentation from Tom Pettit (website)
Presentation from Tony Randle (PDF)


The Public Transport Spine Study short-listed 3 options for Wellington City: bus priority, bus rapid transit and light rail transit. A survey in September 2013 asked residents for their views and the results are on www.ourcapitalvoice.org.nz/results/

Jane Davis is the general manager of strategy and community engagement at Greater Wellington Regional Council. Jane will speak on the core findings of the Spine Study.

Brent Efford is NZ agent for the UK-based Light Rail Transit Association. Brent completed a Winston Churchill Fellowship study tour of US light rail installations in 2003 and a follow-up tour in 2009. He was a member of the reference group for the Spine Study and was formerly sustainability rep on the Wellington Regional Transport Committee. He is also information officer for local advocacy group Trams-Action and publishes the enthusiast magazine Tramway Topics and a weekly email newsletter KiwiTram.

Tom Pettit is a master of public policy student at Victoria University School of Government, graduating this spring. He has thoroughly reanalysed the Spine Study in the past year based on international evidence. His interest in transport is academic, rather than political, and he argues that Wellingtonians deserve better evidence to make important choices about their transport future.

Tony Randle is a member of the reference group for the Spine Study. Tony is a public transit advocate from Johnsonville and has been involved in the public transport debate in Wellington for many years. Tony will be talking about the Spine Study and the merits of bus rapid transit for Wellington City.

This event was held on 24 September 2013, Government Buildings, Lecture Theatre 2, Lambton Quay, Wellington.
Map to get there
Map to find the room (PDF)

For further information, please contact jean.beetham@vuw.ac.nz