September 2013

Out of phase: a film on pedestrian behaviour & health

University of Otago medical students have spent time with the Centre for Sustainable Cities team studying pedestrian behaviour in the wild of Wellington’s Cuba St. Here’s the video of their presentation:

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Exploring proposed public transport options for Wellington: film of the debate

We held an informative panel discussion exploring proposed public transport options for Wellington City’s ‘spine’. There was a range of views on bus rapid transit and light rail options and routes – see the filmed event:

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Renewable energy futures to 2050: Current thinking and options for cities – Eric Martinot

We held a lunchtime seminar with Eric Martinot, author of the REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report, a pioneering synthesis of the full range of credible possibilities for the future of renewable energy. View the presentation:

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Conference on city futures

EURA Conference 2014, City futures III: Cities as strategic places and players in a globalised world will be held in Paris on 18-20 June 2014.

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Understanding resilient urban futures: A systemic modelling approach

From our research team, this paper introduces an urban model that can be used to evaluate city resilience.

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