NZ government emissions target for 2020 inadequate

Leading climate policy and science experts say the Government’s announcement on Friday (overshadowed by earthquakes) is markedly inadequate and disappointing.

The experts, from across a number of New Zealand universities, say the newly announced target for greenhouse emission reductions, of 5% by 2020, does not provide the leadership on climate change that New Zealand needs. It is also very unlikely, they say, that the 5% target by 2020 could be consistent with the Government’s own 50% by 2050 reduction goal.

“Governments have a responsibility for leadership in areas where individual action to address societal problems is not sufficient. We elect governments to take the hard collective decisions on our behalf, not easy, short-sighted decisions.” Associate Professor Chapman says.

“We would like to see the government adopting a progressive programme of encouraging renewable energy generation, discouraging transport emissions, making more of our houses energy efficient, and resurrecting our now barely functional emissions trading scheme.”

Read the media release (PDF)