New book: Homes people can afford

We are celebrating the launch of our new book – Homes People Can Afford, edited by Sarah Bierre, Philippa Howden-Chapman and Lisa Early. This book offers viable and exciting options which, in combination, could house New Zealanders in homes they can afford.

“A decent supply of affordable and social housing requires a concerted effort from government and the private sector as well as community groups”, says Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman. “The problem has evolved over time, shaped by political and economic decisions, and needs a comprehensive and strategic response. Our hope is that Homes People Can Afford will underline the urgency of addressing the problem, and motivate action through the striking examples we’ve given of opportunity and success.”

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Sarah Bierre interviewed for Home Style Green

Listen to David Preston talking about policy options to increase housing affordability:

This book investigates New Zealand’s shortage of affordable and social housing. A variety of contributors argue that when affordable and social housing is under-provided by the market, more active policies and investment are required from central and local government. They offer viable and exciting options that could house New Zealanders in homes they can afford. The book explores new models of urban living that encourage a sense of community and a good quality of life, and shows that intelligent housing policy can help make communities healthier, happier, more stable and more resilient to climate change. In Aotearoa New Zealand we need once more to see quality, healthy, safe housing — whether it is rented in the public or private sector, or owner-occupied — as a human right.

Published in association with the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities and He Kainga Oranga/Housing and Health Research Programme

Contributors: Clare Aspinall, Patricia M Austin, Michael Baker, Sarah Bierre, Alison Cadman, Louise Carrington, Ralph Chapman, Lisa Early, John Gray, Rau Hoskins, Philippa Howden-Chapman, David Preston, Ben Schrader, Christian Stearns, Andrew Stitt, Ross Whitcher & Jane Zhang

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