Film: A Place to Stay – Salisbury Garden Court

New time – 4:30pm, 14 September: The Film Archive is screening a film by Marie Russell of the Centre for Sustainable Cities. A Place to Stay is a documentary that explores the relationship between urban design and a sense of community through the unusual social history of Salisbury Garden Court in Wellington.

Throughout the 1930s Depression and the World War II years the earliest tenants made use of the tennis court as a central activity area. During the 1950s the Court briefly became a miniature “Polish village,” as most of the houses were occupied by Poles, many of whom had arrived in New Zealand in 1944 as child refugees. By the 1970s a hippy commune was flourishing at the Court. In the 21st century pot-luck dinners, working bees and communal ownership of the chooks help maintain connections between residents.

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