Improving our resource management system

The Department of Public Health at the University of Otago, Wellington has made a submission on the resource management reform discussion paper urging that principles of urban design be included in the reforms.

From the submission:

“We are encouraged that the document proposes that the [Resource Management Act] RMA consider urban design; however we find that the proposed changes to the RMA go against key urban design principles.

“We recommend:

  • That the Ministry incorporate the principles of urban design into a National Policy Statement as part of this package of reforms to the RMA
  • That the following matter of national signficance or principle be retained in the Act (current section 7c): ‘the maintenance and enhancement of amenity values’
  • That proposed principle 6m be amended to: ‘the efficient and sustainable provision of infrastructure which provides net benefits to overall quality of life’
  • That proposed principle 6k be amended to: ‘the effective functioning of the built environment including urban design principles such as mixed use, density and connectivity’
  • That the following principle be added to proposed section 6 of the RMA: ‘the need to urgently mitigate climate change’

Read the full submission

This comes in response to the government discussion document: Improving our Resource Management System