March 2013

Green economy for cities: Radio interview with Carlos Dora

Dr Carlos Dora is the World Health Organization’s head of public health and environment. He is leading efforts to highlight the benefits of addressing climate change through improving housing, transport and health. He was in New Zealand recently as a guest of the Centre for Sustainable Cities and was interviewed on Radio NZ.

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Fuel poverty research: Pre-paid electricity meters

Families running out of credit or ‘self-disconnecting’ from pre-paid meters as a result of economic hardship has left children in the cold, a study by University of Otago researchers, recently published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, has revealed. Listen to this Radio NZ interview with Kim O’Sullivan, Otago University PhD student, who investigated the use of pre-paid power meters among predominantly less affluent families.

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Co-benefits of the green economy for cities

Dr Carlos Dora, of the World Health Organization, was hosted by the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities and University of Otago Wellington. His speech on Health in a Green Economy is now available to view.

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