Growth misconduct? Avoiding sprawl and improving urban intensification

Growth Misconduct? Avoiding sprawl and improving urban intensification in New Zealand, Karen Witten, Wokje Abrahamse and Keriata Stuart eds.


New Zealand’s population is expected to grow by one million people in the next 20 years. The arrival of ‘peak oil’ and accumulating evidence of climate change force us to reconsider the way we grow our cities. This book provides insights into the multifaceted practice of urban intensification. It highlights both the promise and the limitations of planning models such as smart growth and new urbanism in New Zealand cities. Growth Misconduct? is intended to further our knowledge, spark debate and help us think critically about ways to create livable, beautiful, environmentally sustainable and prosperous cities. The book highlights where intensification has gone wrong to enable planners and designers to overcome these barriers and work towards models of urban intensification that will bring environmental, social and economic gains.

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