The carbon forest: A New Zealand guide to forest carbon sinks

The first guide book to carbon farming in NZ, The Carbon Forest explains how to set up a carbon forest sink that will earn carbon credits via the Emissions Trading Scheme.

It describes in plain language the various carbon trading schemes set up to encourage landowners to plant trees in order to store carbon from the atmosphere.

Rod Oram describes the book as an “owner’s manual” that will be “invaluable for people who want to use forestry to improve the economic and environmental performance of their land”.

“It is full of practical advice about the business of carbon farming, with plenty of examples from pioneers. As such, the book is really about using resources more valuably, more efficiently.”

The authors – Paul Kennett, Jonathan Kennett, Simon Johnson and Tom Bennion – draw on a range of backgrounds to document the experiences of people who have set up forest carbon sink projects.

Co-author Simon Johnson, an accountant and resource management consultant says “This book answers several questions – What are carbon sinks?  How do they work?  How do I go about setting one up?”

The Carbon Forest is available from independent bookstores, and can be purchased at for a recommended retail price of $29.90.

For more information contact:

Simon Johnson
04 473 5755 day, 027 460 6155 cell, 04 977 7453 evening