Tāone Tupu Ora: Indigenous knowledge & sustainable urban design

Keriata Stuart and Michelle Thompson-Fawcett eds.


  • How can traditional Māori built environments inform contemporary urban development?
  • How could Māori values inspire our visions for the 21st century city?
  • What can indigenous knowledge tell us about how to create a more sustainable design for the future?

Tāone Tupa Ora suggests answers to these important questions, bringing together perspectives on a broad range of urban issues, from Māori development to architecture, town planning to strategic growth management. It collects stories of iwi experiences in the 21st century, and suggests principles and theories on which to base change.

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“This modest volume asks a monumental question: how can traditional Māori knowledge, in all its complexity and wholeness, contribute to creating sustainable cities and urban environments into the 21st century? Editors Keriata Stuart and Michelle Thompson-Fawcett have assembled an interesting group of academic and practitioner writers to suggest some compelling answers.” Book review from Geographical Research (PDF)