Parking: the missing link in the future evolution of our cities

See presentations by Julie Anne Genter, MP, Angus Hulme-Moir of the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities, and Philip King, from Hamilton City Council.

Podcast: Julie Anne Genter (Quicktime movie, 63 MB) Presentation (powerpoint)

Podcast: Angus Hulme-Moir (Quicktime movie, 40 MB) Presentation (powerpoint)

Podcast: Philip King (Quicktime movie, 41 MB)

Julie Anne Genter is a consultant for McCormick Rankin Cagney and a specialist in parking management reform. She has worked with cities in New Zealand and Australia, and presented the new parking paradigm at numerous conferences, seminars and events.

Angus Hulme-Moir has recently completed his master’s degree in environmental studies at Victoria University on the topic of the role that parking policy can play in achieving sustainable transport goals. Angus was a New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities Scholarship recipient in 2009.

Philip King, Hamilton City Council, Access Hamilton Coordinator. His role is the face of  ‘active travel’ for the council, and invovled construction of the city cycle network, improvements for pedestrians, promotion of walking and cycling using the media and websites, and trying to understand and help with resident’s concerns and fears about being on foot or bike. He is also working to deliver national and local strategies to do what we can to increase levels of sustainable travel and at the same time reduce accidents., air pollution and congestion.