Effectiveness of interventions to encourage environmentally friendly behaviours

View videos of presentations from Wokje Abrahamse of the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities and Sea Rotmann who leads the EECA research team.

Wokje Abrahamse (Quicktime movie, 78 MB)

Sea Rotmann (Quicktime movie, 58 MB)

Dr. Wokje Abrahamse is a Post Doctoral Fellow with the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities. Her research focuses on human behaviour in relation to a range of environmental issues, such as energy use, travel mode choice and food consumption

Dr Sea Rotmann leads the EECA research team and is currently coordinating several pieces of action research to answer the question around getting behaviour change interventions to improve smart energy use to be taken up for the long-term by energy end users. She is involved in several national and international, inter-disciplinary research collaborations on this topic. EECA is a crown entity with the mandate to promote and improve energy efficiency, energy conservation and the uptake of renewable energy and is implementing the Government’s iniatives, such as the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme.

30 July 2010