For whom the city? Housing and locational preferences in NZ

Nick Preval, Ralph Chapman & Philippa Howden-Chapman

This chapter of Sizing up the City reports on a survey which found that most people (54%) think that urban limits are necessary so that cities develop more sustainably (15% disagree). By 2 to 1, New Zealanders thought councils (rather than market forces) should have the key role in defining the limits of the city.

The ‘Shape NZ’ survey showed that many young adults and older New Zealanders have a preference for living in the city, while families with children strongly prefer the suburbs. However, underlying this is a growing preference for mixed use communities where access to work and facilities is easier. The possibility of rising petrol prices is a factor in some people’s choice of where to live.

“The book will make a real contribution to the debate about urban planning at an important time”, Jan Logie says.

Sizing up the City. Chapter 2

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