April 2009

Sustainable Cities newsletter

You will find information about interesting research that is going on as well as upcoming events at the Centre for Sustainable Cities, plus an article on ‘How does solar energy work when everything is gloomy?’

Posted in climate change and news & events and NZ policy issues and research on 30 April 2009 – 1:46 pm

Seminar: Conflicts and trade-offs in sustainable solutions

Dr Guy Coulson (NIWA), Dr Ian Longley (NIWA)  and Dr Jo Cavenagh (Landcare Research) presented an exploration of the conflicts and trade-offs between different policies intended to solve different problems. The intention was to start a debate on how these conflicts could be identified and resolved. Joining them was Tim Mallett from Environment Canterbury and Ted Taylor from the Greater Wellington Council.

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Renewable energy uptake in New Zealand cities: Seminar, radio interview

The Centre for Sustainable Cities partnered with the NZ School of Government and ICLEI to host this very successful seminar on renewable energy uptake at a city level. International expert Dr. Eric Martinot, Nelson Mayor Kerry Marshall and Greater Wellington Councillor Paul Bruce provided presentations from a global to local perspective.

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