Zero traffic deaths: Visions for road safety

Claes Tingvall presented a seminar on the controversial ‘Vision Zero’ approach to road safety.

Presentation (PDF), 23 October 2008

Zero deaths is the most rational long-term safety target
. Eradication philosophy makes a lot of sense. It is the type of approach that can lead us further than just intermediate targets or simply trying to make things a bit better every year. Vision Zero should be seen as the management tool for road safety in a modern society. The success and outcomes of this approach in Sweden was discussed as well as some of the products and innovations that have resulted.

Claes Tingvall

Claes Tingvall is an internationally recognised expert on traffic safety and architect of the controversial ‘Vision Zero’ approach in road safety.  This has fundamental implications for transport infrastructure, including road design, urban design and vehicle design. Professor Tingvall is the Director of Traffic Safety at the Swedish Road Administration and Chairman of EuroNCAP, has worked in the traffic safety field for over 30 years, and has authored around 100 scientific articles in journals and books, mainly in the areas of injury epidemiology and car occupant protection/car safety rating, and safety policy.